Review: Chalice by Robin McKinley

ChaliceChalice by Robin McKinley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was difficult to really get into this book, as the concept of the "Chalice" and the other members of the "Circle" aren't clearly or fully explained initially, or at all. The reader gets a pretty good sense of what is supposed to be going on with all of these really mysterious and fantastical elements, but there is so so so much more Mckinley could have delved into and really hooked her readers. Some books leave you with questions, which can be okay, not everything need be explained in painstaking detail, but I feel that Chalice may be one of those instances when the author knows what is going on and assumes the reader will by instinct. Despite this, Mckinley is wonderful and I managed to get through the book, even with my questions.

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