What I'm reading: Witches and necromancers and ghosts, oh my!

Realizing I go through book phases. Last month it was dragons. This month it is necromancers.
— Erika Gill (@invariablyso) February 4, 2013

Actually I think I went through a mini-ghosts phase in between the dragons and the necromancers. :D
— Erika Gill (@invariablyso) February 4, 2013
So I've just finally finished and posted my review of Beautiful Creatures, & if you read my review you understand how tedious that was.

I've been experiencing the strange phenomena of feeling forced to read things I am choosing to read, lately, and I do not like it one bit.

Part of the reason why this blog exists is because I am trying to escape reading the things I am assigned (lit major woes). I am using my necromancers for ESCAPE. Maybe Dante Valentine is the wrong necromancer to use for this. Oh, ahem, excuse me, NecroMANCE. Latin-y.

The other part is probably due to my obstinate determination to finish every book I start. Beautiful Creatures was almost 600 pages long. I am a masochist.

The DemonologistSo, bright side: now I get to decide what to read next. I have an ARC of Andrew Pyper's The Demonologist on deck. I've gotten out of the habit of reading paperbacks because I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas from my parents and I am completely in love with it, so this gem I won in a FirstReads giveaway has had to wait for me.

The first nine pages are excellent, though, and I am looking forward to seeing how much of Morningside & the Columbia campus we get to see in this story. I applied to transfer to Columbia GS for undergrad. Wisely, they did not let me in. I'm not bitter, promise. Not anymore, at least. But I am nostalgic for NYC.

Despite this book being awesome and full of shiny promise...I miss Alex Craft. I read all three of Kalayna Price's books, Grave Witch, Grave Dance, and Grave Memory last week. I rated them pretty low, but in retrospect I have NO IDEA why. I am obsessed. I have grave witches on the brain. The next installment, Grave Visions, doesn't come out until August.

 AUGUST. I can't even hope for a lucky ARC from Roc before April.

So what does a crazed Craft-lover do? Google for fan fics. Curse roundly when there aren't any. Regroup, and use WhatshouldIreadnext.com to look up similar titles. Research average rating on Goodreads. Cross reference with Felica Day's shelves (seriously that woman has read EVERYTHING). Select a few promising titles. Kindle it.

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) Annnd BINGO. Kate Daniels. You have my heart. (and my bow, and my axe, etc.) It's really really rare for the teaser page (tell me if there is correct terminology for this, please!) to completely bowl me over, but this did. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews seems to be my Alex Craft holdover. And lucky for me there are like six books in this series. SALVATION.

Anyway, it's looking like I am going to be super irresponsible this week so who knows, maybe I will get a chance to blog the other Alex Craft-esque books I found! If you're impatient they all should be in my to-read shelf. Maybe I will also catch up with the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club! Oh, the possibilities.

What are you reading right now?

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