What I'm reading + An aversion to seriousness breeds boredom.

So I've been a boring book blogger lately because a) I haven't been reading much of anything new and b) the stuff I have been reading doesn't inspire much rave reviewing.

I DID finally get to read the sequel to Wolf Tower by Tanith Lee, which I'd been looking for in vain for years, because it is currently out of print and not available in ebook form, which is a shame, because those books are SO delightful. I wrote quite a long nice review on Goodreads and then accidentally left the page and my browser ate it. As you might imagine the frustration kind of dead-ended my enthusiasm for review writing for a bit. (Don't worry I've added the Lazarus form recovery add-on so that doesn't happen again, because I KNOW I am too lazy to write my reviews in a text-editor first)

It is slowly coming back (my enthusiasm), however the book I am currently reading, The Demonologist, while very good so far (and a bit scary!) isn't one of my usual reading-for-pleasure genres. So I'm procrastinating?

I  know, that really doesn't make sense, but I've mentioned before how I am studying English Lit in my last semester of college. So I am reading lots of things. Really good things. Mostly old really good things. And I hate it. I hate it so so much. I don't like being forced to do anything ever, so my brain just takes a vacation whenever I try to make myself read something serious. Serious as in aspirations of literary grandeur. I would say The Demonologist is much more literary than most of the stuff I have been reading for pleasure lately. It really is very good so far. But I need more magic and witches and like, faerie folk. And swords. I need many more swords.

Anyway that's all I have to say. Maybe I will get over my review aversion and reading aversion and have something to discuss with you soon. I've been itching to start the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, on my friend Michael's recommendation. And another friend, Jake, suggested I start the Dresden Files series. I want to get excited and dive in (I am on Spring Break this week, too) but instead I am rereading the three Alex Craft novels in bed with a cat on my neck. I'm currently on Grave Dance. I KNOW, but they are SO good.

Do you have genre aversion? Tell me I'm not crazy (I mean, I am, but you know yadada mean).

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