Happy Halloween! Review: To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5) by Debora Geary

 It's All Hallows' Eve, and I think it is really fitting that the book I read today is about witches, because the costume I threw together last minute is a "witch" (Halloween being on a work day really de-prioritizes the costume energy).  Complete with stripey socks.

I've had this book sitting on my kindle for several months, and a fit of boredom this morning led me to read most of it. Here's the review. Happy Samhain!

To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5)To Have and To Code
 by Debora Geary
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Published September 12th 2012
by Fireweed Publishing
Nell Sullivan is fiery, easily distracted by cookies, and doomed to wear the peach monstrosity at her best friend’s wedding.

And she’s a witch.

Daniel Walker is a former baseball player turned bored hacker looking for a challenge. Hacking Nell's online gaming world is going to get him a lot more than he bargained for.

A prophecy says they will make babies together – but when it comes to the love life of a modern witch and a hacker, prophecy might not get a vote.
It's really unfair of me to rate this book so low because it really wasn't bad, I just expected different things of it than what it gave me. I started it because it was free in the Amazon lending library and it's about witches. Here are some things I'd wish I'd known about it before starting.

1. There is no sex in it. NONE. Lots of "heat," so much, in fact, that stuff is always threatening to get melted. Cool right? Yeah, I guess, the first 20 times it's threatened. Then it loses threat power.

2. There isn't enough magic.

3. It's set in 1997. Somehow I missed this for the first three quarters of the book. It's about computer programming/gaming. Let's just say if you know anything about computers it's going to be a low level buzz in the back of your brain the entire time you read it.

4. The characters are wayyy too close. All of them. They all talk too much about their feelings and are way too interested in the feelings of others.

All in all, it's a nice read if you're interested in romances between characters with few flaws, no sex, and lots of destined true love. Not what I needed today, but still written well!

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