NaNoWrimo: Update on extreme failure

So predictably I haven't been writing for NaNo. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the pressure, maybe it's that I am just really bad at juggling life and stuff, but I've topped out at about 6 or 7k words.

Top 3 reasons why:


1. I got bored.  

Like, really really bored. My story, which seemed so new and exciting was starting to feel real. Like real life. I knew too much about it and I couldn't be excited about something so mundane. The ironic part is it's an urban fantasy, so maybe I just need to up the amount of dragons and monsters and butt kicking and stuff.

2. The mood.

Seriously, what's up with that? I really wanted to want to write. I did. But I was invariably tired or grumpy or couldn't focus. What are this.

3. That pesky social life.

Now, don't laugh, because I'm not making this up. People actually wanted to hang out with me. It's like every time I even put my fingers to the keyboard my phone would go off. Usually friends, but sometimes work. I had four work events, but I could have written despite those. It was the fact that I had friends to talk to that really threw me.

Unfortunately there isn't a real solution for any of this. Whenever I am feeling particularly loser-like I am usually too restless to sit and write. So even if this was an off season for me and the calling cards ceased coming in, I doubt I'd be any more productive.

I'd have to write like 9k words a day to finish NaNo by the end of the week. Can I do it? Probably. I've written 10k in a day before, but that took monumental effort. Will I do it? I don't know. I am not sure I can commit to that. It's a really draining endeavor, and to be honest it's not really up to me. I'd basically need someone (coughboyfriendcough) to take care of all of the things for the next five days. I don't know if that's something I can ask. Or will receive.

I'm pretty disappointed in myself, but it's not too late. On the upside I've been reading, and have a review to post later today. I'm also doing a blog tour for T.M. Franklin's The Guardians on Dec. 2. So check back in a week to see what I thought of the book (spoiler alert, I loved it) and read my interview with the author!

How is your NaNo going?